Deep Frying Portable Grill

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Deep Frying Portable GrillThe weather is getting nicer and it’s time to fire up the Deep Frying Portable Grill. Forget about the regular barbeque pit because this little jewel puts that old thing to shame.

You can become the master of backyard cuisine with this grill because the 452″ sq. cooking surface has room for eight hamburgers, the grate lets you do a little high-temperature searing, the griddle lets you cook bacon or vegetables, the warming plate toasts bun, and the center reservoir holds up to 16-ounces of cooking oil for frying up to four servings of chicken wings or French fries. There’s even an oil thermometer that lets you know the temperature of the deep fryer, and a removable bamboo cutting board for outdoor food preparation.

As if all that cooking goodness wasn’t awesome enough, you can also kiss the matches and lighter (and singed eyebrows) goodbye because a push-button electronic igniter makes firing up the grill almost as easy as popping open the cooler and grabbing a cold one.

Deep Frying Portable Grill:

  • Powered by 1-lb. propane canisters
  • Emits up to 24,000 BTUs to generate temperatures in excess of 600º F
  • Folds to 10″ wide and stores in the included bag for ease of portability
  • Igniter requires one AA battery
  • 31″ H x 29″ Diam. (38 lbs.)

Invite the neighbors over because you’ll be preparing plenty of food with the Deep Frying Portable Grill for $249.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.


1. Above: Recoiling Socket In The Wall

2. Above: Hang On Outlet by Paulo Oh

3. 3D power socket

4. Spinning Power Outlet


Power Bridge – Power Cords Management Strip by Hyukjae Chang

5. Show-off The Strip by Hyukjae Chang

6. 360 Electrical Rotating Duplex Outlet

7. Switch Power Socket

Node Electrical Outlet

8. One socket fits all

9. Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet

10. 3-Wall Cleats





11. Socket Deer designed by nendo



12. Charge Your iPhone From The Wall –  can find additional colors and styleshere.

13.  Node outlet by Metaphys offers a lot more work space and its innovative design suits to any interior

Creative Electrical Outlets and Modern Power Sockets (15) 5

14. This problem certainly occured to you a lot of times, you get enough space but your plugs will not fit in together. No more of this with the 360 electrical, just rotate your socket and you’re in.

15. Insic Wall Socket: The “Insic Wall Socket” encourages one to use power only so long as one needs it.


Voice seems to be the next battleground for Apple. First we had Siri on the iPhone 4S, and while it might not be all that useful for us Brits, it also brought with it Dictation with works alright. Next we saw Dictation hit the new iPad, but now it seems the Mac is going to get a slice of the Siri-powered voice-to-text action too.

The keen-eyed Mac beta testers at 9to5Mac found a reference to a shortcut to fire-up “Dictation” with a double command press. A resources file within the latest build of Safari says this is “new in Moutation Lion” (pretty sure that’s meant to be Mountain Lion). Right now there’s no sign of Dictation within current developer builds of Apple’s next operating system, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be there on release.

Of course, Apple has a penchant for limiting Siri-based voice features to certain models, so you might find that only specific Macs will get it, like a bunch of new retina display MacBook Pro perhaps? That’d be a bit difficult for existing Mac users to swallow I’d imagine, but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to do it. Then again I’m not sure my colleagues would be too chuffed if I started jabbering into my Mac at work anyway, and there are already decent voice-to-text apps for the Mac out there.

iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak update

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Just a quick update for you. We’ve been closely following the progress of pod2g’suntethered iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak, and today he added one more device that is confirmed to be working with Absinthe 2.0. The New iPad (global) has now been tested and confirmed compatible.

OK just added iPad3,3 support to Absinthe thanks to @flawlessfox. Only remains iPad2,4 now but we need the actual device.

Pod2g has also updated the compatibility list on his blog. This is what the list looks like now. Just one more device to confirm, and we should have a release!

As pod2g said on Twitter, they just need to get their hands on the final device for testing, and we should be real close to a release for Absinthe 2.0. We’ll have more on this, as it develops.

This morning Fortune posted an excellent piece that provides insight into how, after nine months on the job, Apple CEO Tim Cook is evolving Apple and its culture.

The story essentially concludes that under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple is becoming more open and more corporate, but not in a bad way. After being with Apple for 14 years, Cook is still maintaining Apple’s unique culture, but there are subtle shifts in behaviors that are occuring.

In some examples, it’s shown that Cook is taking actions that Apple needed and that employees wanted. Over the last nine months, Cook has taken a considerable interest in speaking with investors, something Jobs would not do. Moreover, Apple employees quoted in the article praised Cook for being considerably more open and approachable than former CEO Steve Jobs.

With Cook’s background in operations, the Fortune report notes that Cook pushes Apple to innovate and improve its manufacturing processes, for example by funding equipment purchases and other infrastructure with company cash to enable supply chain partners to improve their efficiency and production output.

However this is where the belief that Apple is starting to become more of a traditional company, driven by business-oriented managers and being less dependent on its design and technical knowledge.

If anything, Apple under Tim Cook will embrace efficiency to an even greater degree, especially as the company grows bigger and more complex — to the dismay of those who think techies should rule the roost. “It looks like it has become a more conservative execution engine rather than a pushing-the-envelope engineering engine,” says Max Paley, a former engineering vice president who worked at Apple for 14 years until late 2011. “I’ve been told that any meeting of significance is now always populated by project management and global-supply management,” he says. “When I was there, engineering decided what we wanted, and it was the job of product management and supply management to go get it. It shows a shift in priority.”

Overall the article is an amazing contrast of the management styles of Jobs and Cook and how subtle changes under Cook’s leadership are making larger waves in the company.

Add an SSD to your Mac Mini

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If like me you own a Mac Mini as a HTPC and wanted to add an additional SSD drive, Other World Computing has announced the release of their DIY Kit for adding a second hard drive or SSD to the 2011 Mac mini. The kit includes a 5-piece Mini Toolkit, Logic Board Removal Tool, 4 rubber grommets, 4 Hex screws, Mac mini Flex Cable and installation manual. It’s basically everything you need to perform the upgrade. They also posted a video, which you can view down below, that walks you through the entire upgrade process. The DIY Kit is available now and priced at $49.99.

I want this IKEA Camera !!

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We Want This Cardboard IKEA Camera

The instructions on this camera look easier to follow than the usual IKEA manuals

Is IKEA getting into the camera market? After all, it already announced that it’s going to sell TVs. Or is this cardboard camera just another piece of set dressing, like the fake books, fake computers and fake meatballs found in the Swedish giant’s stores?

The answer is, “None of the above.” The camera ([photographed by Zofty)][] is in fact a fully-functioning digicam which was given away as part of IKEA’s press kit during Milan’s *Fuorisalone*, the ad-hoc, city-wide set of events that spring up around the *Salone Internazionale del Mobile*.

The camera will shoot up to 40 exposures, and these can then be transferred to the device of your choice via USB (via the flip-out plug). As you can see from the photo, the camera runs on a pair of AA batteries, and the internal memory is purged by inserting a paper clip into the trash-hole.